Amanda Danitschek


Amanda Danitschek was born in Delano, California in 1956. She studied art and design at San Jose City College and West Valley College, in Saratoga, CA.

Danitschek explores her fascination with postures, expressions, and colors in her collages and paintings through figures that appear to be untethered from the physical world – an unconventional menagerie of characters that might have come out of a play or a novel. By eliminating detail, Danitschek’s figures are left with only their essence. Through the use of various mixed media on paper, canvas, or wood, Danitschek achieves a rich textural background that accentuates the presence of her figures.

Primary influences for Danitscheck include Alberto Giacometti, Nathan Oliveira, Wolf Kahn and Manuel Neri. Her works have been featured at the ACGA Juried Members Show, Brea, California, and at  Lilify Gallery Solo Exhibition, Monterey, California.

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