Myron Stephens


My work is influenced by post-modernism and American imagery: The humor and graphic nature of the Pop artists, like Warhol and Liechtenstein and the figurative paintings of the Masters, like Caravaggio and Rembrandt with their handling of the medium and the orchestration of light on the figures. In the same breath, I hold a high regard, those artists who painted with pure passion, like Van Gogh and Pollock. For the allegorical nature of my work, I am influenced by the Surrealist painters, like Dali and De Chirico.

As I paint, l begin with a dialog of past and future. My work is not analytical or linear in nature. It is not conceived and then simply painted. It is more of a process, a meld of American iconography with contemporary imagery of today. I have a vision and after layer upon layer, as I paint I see my vision come through. In the end, I am able to share my personal mythology with the viewer. It is like I am my own personal mythmaker.

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